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What Backflippers are Saying

Jay, E-Commerce & Real Estate Investor - Dallas, TX

“My experience with Backflip was great! The app is a game-changer and pulling rehab draws was the simplest thing ever compared to other lenders. Overall, they're great to work with.”

Experience Level: 6 Properties $11.7M Properties Analyzed | Average ROI: 77% | Average LTV: 66%
Stacy, Realtor & Marketer - Denver, CO

“Backflip was easy to work with and offered me great terms on my loan. Everyone on the team was very responsive through the whole process. They're an outstanding option for anyone needing financing for their investments.”

Experience Level: 5 Properties Average ROI: 50% | Average Loan LTV: 64%
Dennis, Insurance & Real Estate Investor - Denver, CO

“Backflip was a pleasure to work with on 2 sets of loans we submitted and closed. The response time was like no other. The entire process was an 11/10. I would recommend them to anyone looking to finance an investment opportunity!”

Experience Level: 20 Properties Types of Loans: Bridge, Duplex Developments | Average LTV: 75%
Jhoem, Full-Time Real Estate Investor | Dallas, TX

“I spend a lot of time every day looking for good deals; now I turn to Backflip for help and funding. It's great to have them helping me grow my business. So glad they're on my team.”

Experience Level: 10 Properties Loans with Backflip: 7 | Average ROI: 131% | Average LTV: 56%
Cody, Realtor - Madison, WI

“Backflip makes investing in real estate easy. From the amazing communication to making it easy to pull rehab draws, they're the best company to use. I've had a great experience working with them and will continue to work with them in the future.”

Experience Level: 2 Properties Type of Loan: BRRRR | Average LTV: 72%

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