5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Use Artificial Intelligence

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August 11, 2023



In the rapidly evolving world of real estate, it’s time for investors to tap into the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Gone are the days when buying properties was only about “location, location, location”. Now, it’s about location, data, predictions, smart home automation, and more.

Here’s a look at the top five ways real estate moguls can employ AI to keep up:

1. Instant Property Valuations & Data

Ditch the age-old guesswork! Artificial Intelligence-powered machine learning models can sift through massive datasets to help estimate property values. By considering everything from property features, and historical prices, to key market trends, these models provide valuations that will help you make faster, more strategic investing decisions.

The best known of these is the Zestimate. But advanced algorithms can help investors analyze and balance their property portfolios to maximize returns while keeping risks at a manageable level. Backflip’s Returns Analyzer and Live Driving For Dollars feature are powerful tools real estate investors can utilize to help them instantly get the data they need to accurately value a property, like As-Is value, ARV and comps. Try it here.

2. Time Saving Assistance, to Scale

Since the launch of ChatGPT, everyone’s using AI as a way to help scale their work, and companies are working to make sure that Real Estate Investors aren’t left behind. For instance, we all know that sourcing property leads from email distribution lists (wholesaler lists) is time consuming, inefficient and clunky. With Backflip’s upcoming new feature My Leads, members get an AI that detects sourced properties automatically from their email inbox and sends them, pre-analyzed and with the best deals highlighted, to the app for you to review—delivering time savings of up to 10hrs/week.

The wait list for My Leads beta is now open if you’d like to be one of the first to access this new tool.

3. The Ultimate Virtual Tour Experience

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are no longer just buzzwords. High-quality visual depictions of homes have are becoming more important. Matterport is one company at the forefront of this innovation. It pioneers 3D virtual property tours, facilitating potential buyers to experience properties through augmented reality before an actual visit.

In the future, it could be regular practice for REIs and their GCs to explore potential investments before they ever set foot inside. End-buyer consumers can imagine an in-progress renovation not only completed, but with added furniture and decor perfectly staged for their tastes. The result? An immersive experience from the comfort of your sofa!

4. Smart Property Management

AI is also revolutionizing how landlords manage their properties, enabling them to oversee properties from a distance, and assisting in vital tasks, such as tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance scheduling.

For tenant screening, AI chatbots can address queries on rental prices and vacancies. They also guide prospects through the application, reducing the load on human representatives. AI-driven automation can streamline payment transactions, oversee workflows, conduct market analyses, and handle collections.

AI can also help in managing the home itself, with innovations like smart doorbells, locks, thermostats, and surveillance cameras, all geared towards alerting individuals about potential issues within their properties. Leveraging AI, these devices adapt to user behaviors, optimize utility costs, and assist landlords in timely maintenance.

5. Detect and Deflect Fraud

Real estate is rife with intricate transactions and documents, and sadly, frauds can slip through. But with AI’s keen eye, anomalies stand no chance. Whether it’s inconsistencies in documents or sketchy transactions, AI can help keep your investments safeguarded.

It’s not too early to integrate AI tools and solutions to make informed decisions, and drive your business to new heights. Are you ready to let AI revolutionize your real estate journey?

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