8 Ways To Cut Down Your Renovation Costs

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May 5, 2023



If you are not doing a gut, transforming an investment property doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many affordable ways to update your space and increase its value. Here are eight renovation ideas that can easily help you transform your property.

Paint Over

Painting is a cost-effective way to renovate all parts of your property. You can give a fresh look to walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, countertops, tiles, and brick. Painting tiles is an unexpected option for updating your bathrooms or the fireplace without replacing them.

Add Detail to Flat Panel Doors

Flat panel doors feel old. Adding wood molding is a great way to give them a fresh new look. There are various styles to consider, from traditional to farmhouse; attach the molding with construction adhesive. A coat of paint completes the look.

Switch the Switch Plates

Replacing outdated ivory switch plates with white ones is an easy update that can make a big difference. Opt for screwless switch plates to give a clean and seamless look. Paint them to match your wall color or use wallpaper to make them disappear.

Add Trim & Molding

Plain walls can look dull and outdated. Adding trim and molding to your walls can give your property a timeless and elegant look. This small detail can make a big difference, especially in hallways and other plain areas of the property.

Remove the Window Treatments

Removing outdated window treatments and painting the moldings is a simple update that can let natural light do all the work.

Update Wood Tones

If your property has a lot of warm and saturated wood tones, it’s going to feel outdated. Instead of replacing the wood, consider staining or whitewashing. These methods can change the color of your wood and update your place without a complete renovation. Choose a stain color that is neutral to make the space look modern (and making it easier to choose paint colors and decor). Whitewashing is also an option to get rid of the warm tones of wood and achieve that modern, Scandi, minimalist look.

Remove the Carpet

Removing old, worn-out carpet from your property is a simple and impactful change that can be done with an exacto knife. If you have original wood floors underneath, refinishing them will instantly refresh your space. If you have carpet on the stairs, get rid of it at once: painted stairs is a great way to update your property with elegance.

Update the Bathroom Mirror

Replace the wall-to-wall frameless builder-grade mirror with a framed floating mirror that matches the other metal finishes in your space. If you don’t want to take down the large mirror, frame it with trim. Use mirror adhesive to stick the trim onto the mirror and finish with a coat of paint.

Use these eight renovation ideas to give your investment property a fresh new look and increase its value without going over budget. Let us know if it helps!

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