About Us

Backflip's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to revitalize homes, so people can love where they live. We're bringing deep experience in real estate, loan products, and friendly technology to get the job done.

Our difference


About Us

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Backflip's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to revitalize homes, so people can love where they live. We're bringing deep experience in real estate, loan products, and friendly technology to get the job done.

Our difference

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Real Estate

Even in uncertain times, value-add real estate remains one of the surest investments in our under-supplied housing market.


24 million single-family homes will be due for rehab in the coming years. Corporations can’t do the work, and shouldn’t make all the profit. Backflip levels the playing field, to put independent investors back in the game.

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Enterprising doers and deal-makers should not be held back and hog-tied by outdated systems, lack of funds, lack of data, unnecessary delays, predatory practices, or faceless conglomerates sitting behind desks.


If you’re out there creating value, revitalizing homes, building the future—for your families, for your community, Backflip celebrates you, and supports you—with insights, a dedicated network, and money when you need it.

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Breaking Free

The new creator economy is driven by real world builders—people like you, making and creating value through your skills and smart investments. You can’t count on a secure job any more: Financial security means taking your fate into your own hands—literally. Backflip is the app for you to build your REI independence.


If you want to go far, you go together. Backflip’s members direct their entrepreneurial spirits to bettering their communities and uplifting others on the same path. It makes for a special bond. Whether you join virtually, or in person, this community helps build your next step together.

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People First

Most lenders structure their business around loans; Backflip is structured around borrowers. It’s a small innovation in the industry that makes a huge difference to you. It means every loan application can be easier than the last. It makes multiple loans easier, and allows us to service and support you even after closing. This is how we flip the script.

Meet The Team
  • mariah schmidt

    Mariah Schmidt

    Director of Community

  • josh ernst, backflip

    Josh Ernst

    CEO, Founder

  • sarah gibson

    Sarah Gibson

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Jake Rome

    COO, Founder

  • Jamilyn Robinson

    Sales Development Rep

  • joe latson

    Joe Latson

    Director Member Success

  • Heidi Perry

    Director Business Intelligence

  • liroy ozinci

    Liroy Ozinci

    Director of Member Success

  • JJ Lunsford Headshot

    JJ Lunsford

    Director Business Development

  • Leslie Jordan Headshot

    Leslie Jordan

    Chief Product Officer

  • Brandon Williamson Headshot

    Brandon Williamson

    Capital Operations Manager

  • Betheney Redhead Backflip Headshot

    Betheney Redhead

    Post-Closing Processor

  • Roman Milisic Headshot

    Roman Milisic

    Creative Director

  • Bailee Petrovsky Headshot

    Bailee Petrovsky

    Sales Development Rep

  • Mike Toth Headshot

    Mike Toth

    VP of Legal

  • Jennifer Lin, backflip

    Jennifer Lin

    Head of Product Design

  • jason lee

    Jason Lee

    Director of Accounting

  • Drew Betzer Headshot

    Drew Betzer

    Lending Account Executive

  • Sophia Buesing Headshot

    Sophia Buesing

    Sales Development Rep

  • patrick wilson

    Patrick Wilson

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Dynah Jones Headshot

    Dynah Jones

    Sales Development Rep

  • Richard Porteous headshot

    Richard Porteous

    VP of Capital Markets

  • christine hogan, backflip

    Christine Hogan

    End-to-End Processor

  • tyler olmsted

    Tyler Olmsted

    VP of Engineering

  • Page Buckman Headshot

    Page Buckman

    Account Executive

  • Colton Olson Headshot

    Colton Olson

    Account Executive

  • Rachel Sprague

    Executive Associate

  • Jacob Borchert Headshot

    Jake Borchert

    Lending Account Executive

  • cory petersen

    Cory Petersen

    Director of Loan Operations

  • Rebecca Santoro Headshot

    Rebecca Santoro

    Senior Android Engineer

  • Brian Swaldi Headshot

    Brian Swaldi


  • bob johnson

    Bob Johnson

    Senior Director of Legal

  • Antonio Calimano headshot

    Antonio Calimano

    Sales Development Rep

  • Lindsey Fielding Headshot

    Lindsey Fielding

    Senior Advisor

  • Austin Arnold Headshot

    Austin Arnold

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Andrew Worth Headshot

    Andrew Worth

    Account Executive

  • Deanna Reich Headshot

    Deanna Reich

    Lending Account Executive

  • hayden wertz

    Hayden Wertz

    Senior Software Engineer

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