Why does everyone else get to experience the latest innovations?

Commercial real estate investors have the fanciest data-driven decision making tools enhanced by artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge software for revenue management, tenant relations, refinancing―you name it.
Real Estate agents have advanced computer-vision 3D touring technology, allowing them to grow and scale their businesses. Even consumers have access to treasure troves of housing information and photos at their fingertips.

But what about residential real estate investors?

We have no native technology. We are stuck using antiquated solutions and forced to adapt tools built for other industries to meet our needs.

And we have hard money lenders focused on peddling expensive financing to take money out of our pockets.


That's why we built

From the ground up for local real estate entrepreneurs. A better way to run your business. Using data and technology to enhance everything you do. Borrower-friendly capital to grow your business.
Having spent decades of combined experience operating and investing in real estate, private startup companies, cryptocurrencies, and other alternative assets, we know firsthand what is possible and are incredibly excited to bring the latest innovations to real estate investors.
Jake Rome
Chief Operations Officer

Jake has been passionate about real estate entrepreneurship from his earliest days. He learned his first lesson in business building when his elementary school strategy of selling highly-sought-after “fort-building land” in the woods behind his home to the neighborhood kids turned out to be unscalable.

He has since established himself as a seasoned institutional private equity investor and real estate operator, having been responsible for ~$2.0B of projects across all commercial and residential product types. Most recently, Jake was a founding partner of a vertically-integrated
flexible living platform acquired by Iconiq Capital, a prominent Silicon Valley investment firm.

Josh Ernst
Chief Executive Officer

Disruption is in Josh’s blood. From undercutting his school candy shop as a middle-schooler―running a #1 producing door-to-door sales business―to building and scaling several companies with hundreds of people, Josh is always looking to make things better, faster, and cheaper.

Josh is an experienced real estate tech entrepreneur, venture capital investor in 6x companies, and former M&A investment banker. He and his companies have invested in companies worth over $400 million and have closed on over 2,000 home purchases and sales.

Dave Padovano
Chief Technology Officer

1 part engineer + 1 part entrepreneur + 2 parts geek, almost have enough parts to go to Mars. Took 10+ years to learn 5 languages (that only computers understand).

Dave has led engineering teams and helped organizations improve their productivity countless times during his career. He has worked on high performance/capacity products for HBO, Samsung, Hearst, Fullscreen, Google and Verizon.