The Backflip Rebrand Story

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June 15, 2023


Call it a brand renovation

We’ve launched our new website and new brand! It’s the start of a new chapter at Backflip. 


But why did we decide to evolve it, and what does it means for our members’ experience?


“We’ve always had a clear vision of what Backflip could do for real estate entrepreneurs,” says Backflip’s CEO Josh Ernst. “Even when we started out two years ago in stealth mode. Now it’s time for us to kick things up a level, and bring the vision to life.”


How did we get here? After a long journey to decide on the name Backflip, this was the original Backflip logo (you might even still find it in a few places): The thinking being, arrows are dynamic, symmetrical for a flip, and green like money.

Fine ideas, but a bit jammed together, not slick. Next, we turned the logo on its side and lost the line:

Good, but still not distinctive enough yet: When people see your brand in the wild, or on a phone, they should recognize you. This could have been Sam’s Club. Plus, we were no longer loving that green.


After a lot of thinking, sketching, swatching, we landed in a brand new (midnight-bluer) place!

See in it what you will. The letter B of course. But we also see a gymnast doing a flip. You see, to us, you are not simply calling a banker, or fixing a floor, or running numbers… you are boldly, confidently flying through air – pulling off daring moves others can’t.

Some see a cannonball shooting through the stratosphere—suggesting successful investment. Some of us see a target. We know you have goals. Backflip helps you reach them, precisely.


Thinking about your brand forces you to peer into all the corners of your organization, and every detail of the member experience. As you’ll see on our new website, we’ve smoothed out the user experience, simplified messaging, and made the whole thing faster, easier. Across all parts of Backflip’s business, from the comps and ARVs to investment financing, from the app on your phone to events in-person, we’re doing the same. Our goal: to help you work ever better.


We got you, pro.


Love, Backflip


PS. We’d love to know what you think of our new look. Tell us on Instagram!

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