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How To Use Inflation To Your Advantage and Increase Returns

With the government warning consumers that inflation is on the horizon, many real estate investors are wondering what that means for their business and assets. Inflation refers to the rate of increase in prices over a given period of time, but what impact does it have real estate?  Real estate is considered to be a […]

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Strategies To Acquire Real Estate Investment Properties

During supply-constrained cycles like the one we’re in currently, being good at sourcing can be one of the most value-accretive, yet challenging, aspects of real estate investing. Not only must investors move quickly to put properties under contract, but they also have to know what property types will lead to favorable risk-adjusted returns. Adding new […]

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How Leverage Can Help You Exceed Your Returns Goals

Using all cash to fund a new real estate investment may seem like the most logical way to get the highest possible profit; however, this is not usually the case. The best investors in the world understand the power of using leverage to fund their deals and are able to increase their overall earnings by […]

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