How Backflip Can Help You Quickly Close An Investment Deal

Financial Lender Shaking Hands With Real Estate Investor

For real estate investors, hard money lenders are a great financing option compared to working with larger institutions or banks. However, in today’s dynamic housing market, old-school lenders aren’t always able to provide entrepreneurs the support they need as they scale their businesses. Impersonal interactions, sky-high interest rates (12% and up), and stringent processes makes it harder for you to close on deals quickly and make a strong profit on your investment. With the competitive landscape of the current market, this does investors a great disservice.

That’s why we created Backflip – so entrepreneurs like you can have a lending partner that is truly dedicated to your success. We’ve created a more efficient financing process that allows investors to reinvigorate communities while growing your business through a simple application process, interest rates as low as 6.99%, and fast financing options. Our goal as a lending partner is to help our members get the capital they need to move from deal to deal with ease and achieve all of their goals.

Click here to see what a typical timeline looks like when financing a property with us.

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