5 Ways To Be A Great Landlord

March 29, 2023



Being a landlord in today’s market can be extremely demanding, and becoming one is not a decision real estate investors should take lightly. Owning and managing a rental property comes with a unique set of challenges that not all investors are cut out for.

If you invest in a rental property, it’s important to understand what it takes to be a good landlord. A good landlord not only helps keep tenants happy and satisfied, but also maintains a positive relationship with them, ensures a steady rental income, and minimizes property damage or loss. Here are 5 ways you can ensure you’re being a great landlord: 

Do in-depth tenant screening

Screening is an important part of the tenant selection process that can help you identify tenants who are more likely to take good care of your property, and adhere to your rental policies. By screening tenant applicants, you will save yourself a lot of headaches in avoiding the risk of potential property damage, missing rent payments, and ensuring that your property stays well-maintained.

Additionally, taking the time to make sure you’re bringing the right tenants into your rental property can help you avoid tenant turnover and vacancies, which can be expensive for landlords.

Communicate effectively

Good communication is key to being a good landlord. Be available to your tenants when they need to reach you, and respond to their messages and inquiries in a timely and professional manner.

It’s also important to set clear expectations for your tenants right off the bat, such as rent payment deadlines, maintenance responsibilities, and any rules or regulations that must be followed. Provide this information in writing, such as in a lease agreement, to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Maintain the property

Keep the property in good condition, and promptly address any maintenance issues or repairs that arise. Regularly inspect the property to ensure that it is safe and habitable for your tenants. Take proactive steps to prevent problems before they arise, such as conducting regular maintenance checks, providing pest control services, and addressing any safety concerns. Tenants appreciate landlords who are invested in keeping the property in working order, and will ideally show their appreciation by treating your property with care.

Be fair and consistent

Treat all tenants equally and fairly, and apply your rental policies consistently across all tenants. Be transparent about any policies, fees, or charges, and avoid surprises or hidden fees.

Listen to your tenants’ concerns and address any issues promptly and professionally. Be respectful and understanding of their needs, and work with them to find mutually agreeable solutions.

Stay up to date with landlord-tenant laws

Stay informed about the latest landlord-tenant laws and regulations in your area, and ensure that you are complying with all legal requirements. Landlords should fully understand important regulations, such as The Fair Housing Act, rent control laws, or eviction laws, to ensure you avoid any potential future legal disputes.

By following these tips, you can build a positive relationship with your tenants and create a comfortable and welcoming living environment in your rental property.

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