Introducing My Leads, Beta

August 29, 2023



Everybody is using AI to work smarter nowadays. Backflip is making sure that Real Estate Investors aren’t left behind.

REIs like you get hundreds of emails a week from wholesalers and partners promoting properties they are looking to sell. It takes hours out of your week to wade through all of these emails, search for potential properties and then analyze each one to see if there’s a deal to be had. If this sounds like your life, read on!

Backflip’s newest feature, My Leads, currently in beta, uses AI to identify the properties in your inbox and brings them into your Backflip account to auto analyze—highlighting the best deals, so you never miss a hot one again!

Get yourself set up by connecting your email address, in a few clicks. The rest is automatic. All you have to do now is visit My Leads daily on the app to view your Great Deals (1), as well as Good and Poor Deals, at a glance.

My Leads screens

It’s easy to see which source sent you a property (2). And if you were to click the email address at the bottom of that card, it would quickly compose an email for you to inquire about it. If you want to do further analysis on a property, you can easily access the Analyzer tool where you’ll be able to adjust the property features, comps, and calculations to fine-tune the ARV.

Sometimes sellers do not give up the full property address in their email. For that, we’ve created a section you can access from the top right of the feed called Potential Leads (3). This section contains information that we have on properties on which we could not run a full analysis. Check it to make sure that you don’t miss out on opportunities in an area you’re interested in.

Backflip pulls in your new addresses automatically every afternoon, but you can refresh your My Leads feed at any time by clicking the refresh symbol ↻ at the top. Refreshes can take a few minutes, so check back in a few and pull down to refresh until you see new leads coming in.

My Leads builds upon Backflip’s existing suite of advanced algorithms that provides you immediate access to comprehensive data and analyses you need to value a property. If you are interested in getting on the waitlist for this one, sign up here. Read the press release.

Happy hunting!

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