How To Get Started In Out-Of-State Real Estate Investing

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September 23, 2023




Buying investment properties in the same area where you live isn’t always the most profitable option for real estate entrepreneurs. Perhaps where you live home prices are too expensive, making it very difficult to invest. If this resonates, out-of-state real estate investing may be a good strategy for you.

In this article, we’re sharing how you get started in out-of-state real estate investing and make it a lucrative strategy for your portfolio.

Why choose out-of-state investing?

The local market you’re in might not offer the cash flow you desire, pushing you to explore opportunities beyond your immediate surroundings. Investing in real estate outside of your state can offers benefits both financial and strategic.

For example, different states have varying economic drivers. While one state might thrive on tech, another might be an agricultural or manufacturing hub. Diversification can provide a hedge against sector-specific downturns. Additionally, different states have different property tax rates, and some might offer more favorable tax structures for real estate investments. These are just some of the reasons savvy investors think across state lines. 

And if you’re not already in a top investment market, such as Georgia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, or Tennessee, maybe you should be.

Choosing the perfect market

In many cases, out-of-state markets might offer better rental yields than local markets, especially if the local market is saturated or overpriced. When scouting for a market, it’s essential to consider:

  • Population Growth: Look for areas where the population is steadily increasing.
  • Job Growth: A burgeoning job market is a good sign of economic vitality.
  • Wage and Income Growth: This can hint at the potential for rent hikes in the future.
  • Rent Rate Increase: Ensure other landlords in the area are raising their rents.
  • Home Value Increase: As an investor, you’d naturally want your properties to appreciate over time.

Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, don’t forget the importance of area diversification. By investing in multiple markets, you reduce the risk associated with local economic downturns, natural disasters, or industry-specific slumps. Diversifying your real estate portfolio across different states is a strategic move that offers both protective and growth-oriented benefits. It allows investors to spread risks, tap into varied market dynamics, and capitalize on unique opportunities that individual states present.

Unearthing the best deals

Expanding your portfolio also help you build a wider network of real estate professionals, agents, and fellow investors. For example, a significant portion of successful portfolios often comes from connections with investor-friendly agents, who may be able to provide both on-market and off-market deals. Another investor in the area might be able to recommend a trusted General Contractor. Partnering with local experts will help you to make better investment decisions and gain insights into the nuances of the local market.

Additionally, further diversify your approach by directly marketing to sellers through methods like mailers, cold calls, and even social media marketing to yield fruitful results.

Embracing the adventure

It’s natural to feel a twinge of fear, especially when considering investing a large amount of money into something you’re not seeing every day. With distance comes a lot of unknowns. However, success lies in harnessing that fear and using it as a catalyst. Your abilities as an entrepreneur cross state lines, so take deliberate steps, even if they’re baby ones. That can start with ensuring you’re making informed decisions.

In today’s digital age, there are tools and platforms designed to help you navigate these challenges with confidence, like the Backflip app. And while expanding may require registering your business in a new state and other compliance measures, there are plenty of resources available to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses across state lines, as Mike and Bob from Backflip’s legal team explain in this webinar. Get comfort in knowing that you’re making strategic decisions and have a team behind you to help make the entire process as easy as possible, allowing you to seamlessly navigate this new venture.

Reaping the rewards

The benefits of out-of-state investing extend beyond just financial returns. Such investments can pave the way for unparalleled freedom. Take a strategic approach to diversifying, expanding, and maximizing your real estate portfolio, potentially unlocking new avenues for personal and financial growth, and the world becomes your oyster.

In conclusion, while out-of-state real estate investing might seem like a daunting endeavor, with the right strategies, a dependable toolkit, you can unlock the opportunities in it. Whether you’re chasing financial freedom, or a chance to travel, venturing beyond your local market might be the golden ticket you’ve been searching for!


This article is for informational purposes only and is not legal, financial or investment advice. To obtain advice tailored to your particular circumstances, you should consult a licensed professional advisor.

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